What is Creatives Wholesale?

What is Creatives Wholesale?

In an instant—everything changed.

We purchased a laser for one of our family businesses and I said to my husband, “it doesn't make sense for it to just sit there and not make us money." Right then a side business was created. Flash forward 8 months I was seeing a need in the market. I had a need, so others must have one also, right?! Beyond sourcing products people kept asking "how are you growing this business, how are you earning revenue and what are you doing differently?"

Creatives Wholesale was born. A place for creatives like I am,  and like you are to source some products to help them in their business. A place for anyone to gain insight and skills to start a business or grow a business.

What does Creatives even mean? I have heard the term for years and never really considered myself in the category. Little did I know I was the whole time. 
Creatives is defined as:  person who is creative, typically in a professional context.
It comes from the word creative which is defined as: having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas.

If that doesn't sum up what a lot of us do I don't know what would be better! 

I wanted to launch a place that solved two problems creatives have. 
  1. A place to source product, like cups/tumblers that still allows for money to be made. Where you don't have to purchase hundreds to get a great price. Where you have the ability to order as you need things and where you don't have to be an incorporated business to buy. 
  2. A place where I could answer the questions what I was constantly getting asked. While I would love to coach and help grow everyone's business, have my hand on everything. I'm just me here. :) So I wanted to have a space to help make an impact from afar. Give tips and hacks that have worked for me in growing multiple million dollar+ organizations. I have so many programs and company's I use to make my life and business easier and can't wait to share all my business "secrets".

Sometimes God places something on your heart or in your mind that you just can't stop thinking about. This is one of those things. Excited to see where it goes and how many people I can help make an impact. 

Biggest goal with creatives wholesale...
Help more families make more money!  <------- Read that again.
Small business, side hustle, SAHM, SAHD or who ever. It's my goal to make more people more money. Either with the wholesale side or the education! 

Cheers to more money for more people in Q2 and 2023 and beyond

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